Bild Pierre Pasler

Pierre Pasler

Director of Photography / ENG cameraman
Polecam Owner / Operator

Silbersteinstr. 87b
D-12051 Berlin

Gremberger Str. 68
D-51105 Cologne

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Pierre has worked as a cinematographer for several German and international film productions. He feels at home in the documentary film scene (awarded works like "Green Field Journey", "Mumbai Masala", or recent feature length documentaries like "Feathered Fan and Silken Ribbon") as well as in the fiction genre. As Director of Photography he was in charge for independent feature films like "We are no monks" (supported by H.H. XIV. Dalai Lama), the episodic film "GG 19" or the German-Turkish feature film "Katrins Jihad". He is specialized in shooting in Asia with close contacts to the Hindi film branch in Bombay. For his outstanding style in cinematography he was invited to major film festivals. His motto is: Don't be interested in film only, but in life as well (DoP Haskell Wexler).

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