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Polecam provides smooth, floating jib arm shots, with the ability to relocate with ease. This is due to the fact that Polecam can be attached to the body by way of a harness, which has been designed in conjunction with a registered osteopath to aid weight distribution and portability.
The Polecam can be operated in the harness or on a tripod, with a relocation time in as long as it takes to walk there, be it just a few steps, up some steps or even in & out of a boat.
Much easier than with a conventional jib. The lightweight nature is all due to a radical redesign of the concept of a jib arm, including materials used in construction as well as the latest camera technology.
The rig comes complete with 5 universal, custom wound carbon fibre sections (1 as spare) each measuring over 1m (3’) in length and 4cm (1.6”) in diameter, which provide useable, steady shots during booming. A small FX microphone is also positioned at the end of the boom.
The counterweight arm of the Polecam rig only protrudes to the rear a maximum of 1m (3’) and contains the counterweights, batteries (10Ah), CCU & Interface Unit.

Polecam komplett

Polecam Winkel
30° elbow

The unique construction of the Polecam allows to shoot above the heads of a crowd.

Miniaturkamera / POV Kamera
toshiba jk-tu63h

Attached is a high resolution mini-camera, with HD/SD-SDI / component/composite output to a seperate standalone recorder or OB van. The camera is mounted on a custom made, self leveling, miniature pan & tilt unit, with joystick, allowing the camera to be moved quickly and smoothly. The unit also incorporates a mechanical iris drive for the lens, controlled from the joystick itself (or by remote from an OB van).
The whole unit is small enough to drop into a cup of coffee! However, the system can incorporate most mini-cam systems both single & triple chip.
The entire head unit weighs less then 0.5kg (1lb) and is therefore very appealing from a health & safety aspect.

Polecam can also be used from the back of a moving vehicle such as car, jeep, golf buggy, quad bike etc. and even from the back of a motorbike, as well as fixed to any tripod, remote head, stand or dolly system. Viewing of the camera picture is by means of a high quality TFT LCD monitor mounted on the boom. All the cables between the P&T head unit and the rear end pass inside the mast as opposed to being strapped to the outside. This aids rig time as well as protecting the cables themselves.

Polecam mit Fishface
DiveBag / FishFace

You can even shoot below the water surface (DiveBag) or absolutely waterproof with the use of a "FishFace".

Polecam RCP Remote Control Panel
RCP (Remote Control Panel)

The Polecam RCP makes it easy to integrate the rig into OB multiple camera setups. The camera will be absolutely remotely controlled. (RS 232 - 3 Pin XLR-cable)

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